Repair-Lab - Your TLV Based Laptop Repair Shop

Repair-Lab - Your TLV Based Laptop Repair Shop

 We do laptop screen replacement for laptops by any brand, may it be popular in Israel or not.

Extra-Fast Service! Under 30 min replacements with scheduled appointments.

Repair-Lab is a laptop repair lab with over 20 years of experience in the business.

For additional information and pricing please call +9723-540-5555 We’d be happy to help.


Laptop Screen Replacement Service

Replacing laptop screens made by any brand including:

  • HP laptop screen replacement
  • Dell laptop screen replacement
  • MacBook Pro screen replacement

Cost of which changes based on screen size and screen model (IPS, QLED etc).

To find out the price to replace your laptop screen, please call us at +9723-540-5555.

When Do You Need a Laptop Screen Replacement?

Well, you need a laptop screen replacement when you can no longer use your own screen.

Sounds obvious, however, at times a laptop screen can be rejuvenated and come back to life with a trusted technician`s special touch.

Sometimes the problem isn’t the screen itself, it could be the motherboard, a faulty connector or even at times - a disconnected connector. Mere minutes and you’re back on the job.


Screen Replacement at Repair-Lab

With over two decades of experience, (yes well over 20 years) we have seen it all and can solve complex problems with ease.

Our technicians are known to be some of the best in the business, some technicians at repair lab can replace a screen in mere minutes.

For additional information and pricing please call +9723-540-5555 We’d be happy to help.


If both the screen and the plastic broke - is it fixable?

Yes! Repairing or replacing a broken laptop screen is definitely doable. You can repair or replace broken plastic along with the screen itself, so your laptop will be as good as new.

Does any screen-related issue require a screen replacement?

No, it really depends on the problem. A laptop and a computer generally are very complex systems and many things can go wrong and effect the screen. Aside from obvious screen bubble, screen cracks etc - you need to see a technician.

Do you have any laptop screen?

We have a variety of screens for many laptop brands. To make sure we can treat your laptop specifically - please call us and speak with a technician.

Can I replace it myself?

With technical training - yes. However, unless you want a career as an esteemed laptop technician (we’re hiring if you do) let a technician take care of it. You don’t want to cause additional damage.

How much is it?

So many laptop brands, so many different screen sizes and so many different display technologies - we can’t really sum it up to a singular price. Please call with your laptop model to get your price estimate. Thank you.



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