Repair-Lab - Your TLV Based Laptop Repair Shop

Repair Lab can repair your laptop professionally and with customer-oriented service.

Repair-Lab - Your TLV Based Laptop Repair Shop

Repair lab is a TLV based technical laptop repair lab for your mobile PC repair, and has over 20 years of experience fixing and repairing computers.

Our lab is located on 31st Y.L. Perets st in Tel Aviv, with nationwide deliveries helping us to provide you with help and assistance wherever you may be!

If you need your laptop repaired with on-site repair or delivered from your home or work - Call +972(0)3-540-5555 and get your estimate. 

Why Do People Keep Recommending Us?

Well our secret lies in our service.

We are very service oriented, while keeping our professionalism high level.

We are here FOR YOU, meaning we can work around YOUR schedule and deliver your laptop from you and back to you. It’s all for you.

Need Your Screen Repaired? We’ve Got You!

Our team of technicians are to your disposal and can disassemble, replace and reassemble your laptop in 20 minutes (Wow!).

In addition, our screens are at the BEST PRICES you can find in the holy land!!

If your screen is broken, dented or completely disfigured - Call us at +972(0)3-540-5555.

Revitalizing Your Laptop - Gently and Professionally.

Your laptop can get old, he might just need a little medison to come back to life.

A loud laptop is just a bit dirty inside.

A slow laptop - might just have an outdated drive.

A tired battery might just need to be retired and replaced with some of our affordable replacements.

Having an overheating issue is one of the things you shouldn`t neglect. Trust us on this.

Call us for a quick consultation talk +972(0)3-540-5555. 

Professional Repair at an Internal Component Level

What does that mean? Well it means you can easily save money when using our services.

If any of your internal laptop components are damaged - instead of doing the norm in the business which is replace - we REPAIR.

We can fix most internal components saving you money on paying for service AND a new component. Isn’t that awesome? We certainly think so.

Repairing Every Laptop From Any Company!

Our technicians are experienced with every laptop out there, from Dell, ASUS, Lenovo, LG and more - including technicians for Apple Macbooks! 

Have a frozen Macbook? Or a Lenovo that just won’t turn on?

Call Repair Lab +972(0)3-540-5555 and we’ll get your laptop up and running back again.




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